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Would you eat your dinner off the floor?

Floor cleaning, Home improvement

We’ve all experienced it before: someone drops something on the floor. They quickly reach down and pick it up. Before you can say, “NOOOOO!” They’ve popped it in their mouth. They give you an unexpected look and respond, “What? It’s the three second rule!”

But how clean are your floors really? Would you eat your dinner off your floor? What’s acceptable? A dropped chocolate? Crisps? Yogurt? Ice cream? No matter how clean (or dirty) your floors are, we’ve all considered eating off the floor. But would you do it in a public place? A bus floor? Mall floor? Underground?

Senior brand manager of BISSELL Canada, Ravi Dalchand, did exactly that. He took a BISSELL Vac&Steam, our premier steam mop, into the subway, cleaned the floors, dropped his lunch on it and ate it.

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