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Wet cleaners


Put away the mop and bucket once and for all, our wet cleaners are designed to remove dirt you can see as well as the dirt you can't. Whether your floors are tiled, stone, wood, or laminate, BISSELL® wet cleaners cut through grease and grime, removing dust, debris and muddy marks. For spotless, clean surfaces, choose between the all-around versatility of the BISSELL® CrossWaveTM range or the specialty BISSELL® SpinWaveTM collection. Both are manoeuvrable, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach corners and improved cleaning around floor-standing furniture.

Wet cleaning
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BISSELL multifunctional wet and dry vacuum cleaners combine a powerful vacuum with a carpet and hardfloor cleaner to remove ingrained dirt as well as sticky spills and stubborn marks.  Leaving your floors perfectly clean, refreshed and rejuvenated.