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The school holidays are starting to wind down but there are still of plenty of families who are going to squeeze in a little holiday. Monday the 25th of August is a Bank Holiday which means a long weekend! It is a lovely treat to have long weekend away but it’s not so nice to return to an untidy home. To help, we’ve put together a list of the 5 must do cleaning tasks before a trip:

1. Change Your Linen

This isn’t the most popular chore to do at home even so, it’s really worth doing as it gives you that “Ah, I’m home!” feeling. Whether you spent the weekend in a lovely hotel with clean, fresh linen or have been getting dirty in the great outdoors, coming home to a clean, welcoming bed will help you prolong that holiday feeling.

2. Clean Out Your Fridge

It’s an easy thing to forget but a horrible experience to come home to. After a lovely break, there’s nothing worse than arriving home, looking for a snack in the fridge and being greeted by a green, grey, mouldy spore field! Make sure you throw out any old food that won’t keep while you’re away. It’ll save you the experience of being greeted by creepy mould, and your fridge won’t smell bad either.

3. Take Out The Rubbish

Again, not the most popular job in the home. However, after you’ve thrown out all your old food, you wouldn’t want it to sit in your dustbin getting older and older while you’re away. Always take out the rubbish before you leave to go on holiday. If the rubbish man is only coming in a day’s time, that’s fine too. Having the rubbish on display will give the illusion that someone is at home, securing it from burglars. Alternatively, you can always ask your neighbours for a favour and ask them to return the wheelie bin to its usual position and offer to return the gesture during their next holiday.

4. Clean The Toilet

If you’re going to be away for more than a day, always give your loo a little sprucing up before going away. If there are any nasty marks, it won’t be good to leave them there for a few days. Give your loo a lovely clean and feel at home upon your return.

5. Wash the Dishes

When there’s food involved, you’ve got to stay on top of it. Make sure you wash all your dirty dishes before you go away. Or even put the dishwasher on one last time before leaving your home. If you’re not crazy about cooking, you’ll feel far better about doing it upon your return, in a clean kitchen with no dirty dishes waiting for you.

Packing the night before so that you have chance to spend a little time cleaning your home will make all the difference when you arrive back from your holiday. Arriving to a messy home won’t help you retain your relaxed holiday feeling and may make the reality of returning quite depressing. Tidy up your home before leaving and feel relaxed, refreshed and positive upon your return.

Good luck!

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