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5 step plan: how to clean house for a BBQ party

Floor cleaning

Instead of saying ‘Goodbye’ to summer, why not surprise your friends by hosting a BBQ party? Don’t let your messy house get in the way of enjoying your time with some good friends. Here is a 5 step plan to help you clean your house – no stress, just easy-to-achieve tasks.

So where to start? For a BBQ party, the guests will be spending most of their time outside, so the most important areas to clean in the house are the entrance, living room, kitchen and the bathroom. No need to clean the entire house but rather focus on the party path – most people’s attention will be on tables, shelves and places to set their drinks.

5 Step Plan:

1. Get Fresh & Declutter

Before you start, open a few windows to air out your house so it smells fresh and clean. Lighting a scented candle or spraying your space with deodoriser adds some aroma and sets the mood. Next it’s time to tackle any areas in the party path that are overly cluttered. Finding temporary places to put all the unnecessary items like a laundry basket or box to store these until the party is over are the best and simplest solutions.

2. Grand Entrance

The first thing your guests will see is your entrance so it’s essential to make a good first impression. Do a quick sweep outside, getting rid of any dirt. Then make your way inside and do a sweep around your entrance hall, clearing any clutter and putting shoes, jackets, hats and mail out of sight. Dust off tables or decorative objects and spray some deodoriser.

3. Prepping the Living Room

Start by picking up any out of place items, straightening couches, cushions, pillows and refolding throws (great for covering up any stains – however you won’t need to do this after using any of the BISSELL solutions). Next clean the table, TV screen and other dusty surfaces by using a microfiber cloth. Finally, vacuum up any dust or pet hair on the floor, and don’t forget to clean your skirting boards using your vacuum’s brush or hose attachment.

4. Kitchen Attack

First point of attack is to start clearing your sink of any dirty dishes; if you have a dishwasher just give them a rinse and stack them in. Then give the sink a good cleaning – it should be a spotless, shimmering basin when you’re done – the BISSELL Steam Shot™ will certainly make this job much easier! Next clean your counter tops, pack away unnecessary appliances and wipe the counter down with kitchen spray and a microfiber cloth or disposable wipes. You can do the same for your stove, cabinets and fridge. It might also be a good idea to clean up your fridge interior, rearranging to make room for appetisers, drinks and other goodies. Finally, steam mop the floor to ensure your kitchen is spick and span.

5. Bathroom Sanctuary

Leaving the most important room for last – the bathroom is the room you should focus most of your attention on. Now this doesn’t mean you have to get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor, but rather, cleaning the things most guests will use like the toilet, mirror, sink and counter. Start by packing away all stray countertop items into cabinets or anywhere out of sight, followed by giving the sink, countertop and mirror a good cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner or the BISSELL Steam Shot™. Next clean your toilet – inside, on the seat, rim and exterior, and ensure you replace your existing toilet roll with a fresh one. Add some deodoriser or a scented candle to create that spa feeling. Also don’t forget to place new, fresh and fluffy hand towels out. Finally, give the bathroom floor a good steam mop and you’re all done.

It’s as easy as that with our 5 step plan – don’t let cleaning get in the way of your party prep time.

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