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My Stain Eraser is leaking

What to do if you notice that your Stain Eraser is leaking

  • Remove both dirty and clean tanks
  • Inspect for cracks or damage to the tanks or cap
    • Replace tank or cap if damaged
  • Make sure the straw is firmly inserted

Stain Eraser remove tank

  • Do not put dirty tank back on yet
  • Fill clean tank with water and put back on machine
  • Turn machine on
  • Move machine from a vertical to a horizontal position a few times

Stain Eraser vertical

Dirty Tank

  • Empty tank by opening drain plug over sink
  • Drain plug must be pushed securely into place 

Stain Eraser empty

  • When dirty tank is removed, a small amount of liquid may drip from machine, this is normal
  • Check the black gasket (above the white label) for debris or damage
  • Leaking from the side vents can happen if:
    • Dirty tank is full and dirty water has re-entered the internal part of the machine
    • The machine is used upside-down or sideways

Stain Eraser leaking vents

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