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My SpotClean/MultiClean has no suction

What to do if your SpotClean/MultiClean has no suction

*Only use BISSELL Oxygen Boost or Spot & Stain Formula in this machine

  • Empty the dirty water tank
  • Firmly set the tank plug in place
    • If it is loose or off, the machine will not suction

SpotClean empty water tank

  • Lift hose above the unit
  • Turn machine on
  • Allow any excess water in hose to flow into dirty water tank
  • Turn machine off
  • Remove dirty water tank
  • Feel for suction at the motor duct underneath where the collection tank sits
  • If there is suction at the motor duct, check for the black "duck bill" gasket under the dirty water tank
  • Remove & squeeze the flat end until it opens up
  • Reinstall gasket by inserting the tall side into the right, curved, outer side of the tank


  • Remove any attachments from the hose
  • Suction up water from a sink or cup
  • If there is no suction at the hose, check the hose for clogs
  • Lift the hose above the unit to allow the water to go into the collection tank
    • If water does not flow into collection tank, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
    • If there is suction at the hose, check the tool for cracks
      • If there is any damage to the tool, a new one will need to be ordered
      • Clean the spray tip of the tool with a brush or a paperclip
    • Turn machine off and unplug it
    • Check float for clogs

SpotClean float no suction

  • Wait 30 minutes and try for suction again
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