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My SpotClean/MultiClean has no spray

What to do if your SpotClean/MultiClean has no spray

  • Fill clean water tank with water and formula
  • Securely place clean water tank back onto the unit
  • Press down firmly on the tank to make sure it's secure and there are no gaps between the tank and base of the machine

SpotClean secure tank

  • Remove any tools and clean spray tip on tool with brush (i.e. toothbrush) or paperclip
    • Tools can be soaked in warm water.
  • Check tool for any cracks or damage and replace if necessary
  • Press trigger to spray with tool off
    • If the wand does not spray, clean the spray nozzle with a paperclip

SpotClean clean wand

  • Remove clean water tank and press on the small, X in the round valve on the bottom of tank
    • If no water comes through the valve, the tank may need to be replaced
    • If water does come through the valve, place clean water tank back on unit
  • Gently lift the clean water tank while pressing the trigger
  • Replace and squeeze the clean tank while still pressing the spray trigger
  • If there is still no spray, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
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