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My SpinWave has no spray

What to do if your SpinWave has no spray

  • Plug the unit in
  • Recline unit
  • Turn power button on (pads should begin to spin)
  • Hold spray button down
  • Turn off unit, stand it upright, and unplug it from the wall
  • Remove the clean water tank by lifting straight up

  • Unscrew tank cap and check the cap and tank for any cracks/damage to the cap

  • Fill the tank with clean water and formula and screw cap back on tightly by twisting clockwise
  • Push on the X valve inside the cap
  • Solution should drip out - if it does not, a new cap must be ordered

  • Firmly insert the tank back into the body until you hear a click
  • Use a pin or small brush to clean off the spray tip
  • Plug machine into an outlet and turn power button on
  • Hold the spray button for 10-15 seconds

If machine still will not spray, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care

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