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My PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop is leaking

What to do if your PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop is leaking


  • Inspect the water tank and cap for cracks or damage
  • If damaged, the tank will need to be replaced

  • Open water tank cap and make sure gasket is in place and not damaged
    • If damaged cap will need to be replace

Leaves Excess Water on Floor:

  • The steam mop should remain moving while turned on
    • If it sits in the same spot for too long steam builds up
  • Excess water may be caused by a high steam setting -Try selecting a lower setting
  • Replace a very wet mop pad with a dry one occasionally while using to avoid excess water and streaking
  • The trigger can be pressed intermittently for even less steam
  • Press the steam trigger on the handle. If the trigger does not spring back, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
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