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My CrossWave shuts off automatically

What to do if your CrossWave shuts off automatically

  • Plug machine in
  • Select a cleaning mode (Rug or Hard Floor)

CrossWave hard floor mode

  • If machine does not turn on, refer to No Powertroubleshooting
  • Remove the handle by using a screwdriver to press the white tab found behind the clean tank
    • Pull up on the handle to remove
    • Reinsert handle into the machine - you should hear a click when secure

CrossWave reattach handle

  • Recline machine to activate brush roll
    • If brush roll does not turn or machine shuts off after a short time, continue troubleshooting
  • Unplug machine
  • Remove brush roll window by grabbing the pull tab and pulling upward
  • Remove brush roll by grabbing the brush roll tab and pulling upward

CrossWave remove brush roll window CrossWave remove brush roll

  • Check ends of brush roll for wrapped debris or hair 
  • Hold the colored pull tab on brush roll and spin the other end
    • If the brush doesn't spin, a new one needs to be ordered
  • Check the plastic gear end on the machine and remove hair or debris wrapped in this area
    • Turn gear by hand to test spin
  • Reinstall the brush roll by inserting the grey tipped end into the right side of the machine and then pressing down on the colored tab until it clicks into place

CrossWave replace brush roll

  • Reattach the brush roll window

Line up tabs on the front edges of the foot and then push the window into place until it clicks

CrossWave replace brush roll window

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