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My CrossWave is making a loud noise

What to do if your CrossWave is making a loud noise

  • When reclined, the brush will spin - this sound is normal
  • When dirty tank is full, the float inside will activate and the motor pitch will change
    • This sound is normal and the dirty water tank should be emptied
    • While emptying the dirty water tank, rinse and manually move the float up and down to ensure it moves freely
    • Also be sure to insert the filter completely in place (reinstall it)

CrossWave rinse the filter

  • With the machine turned off and unplugged, check to see if the front nozzle and brush roll are installed properly on the foot
    • Spin brush roll by hand to verify smooth motion
  • If the noise extremely loud or abnormal, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
  • The CrossWave can operate up to 80 decibels with both the brush and vacuum motor on
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