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My CrossWave has no suction

What to do if your CrossWave has no suction

  •  Plug machine in
  • To activate suction, press "Hard Floor" or "Rug" button on handle
  • If machine does not turn on, please refer to No Power troubleshooting

CrossWave digital fingertip controls

  • Remove dirty water tank by grabbing front handle and pressing down on the silver release button

CrossWave remove dirty water tank

  • With the unit on and a floor type selected, feel for suction strength at the motor vents
  • Empty dirty water tank by grasping the top of the tank at the sides and pulling up to remove the top 

CrossWave remove the top

  • Remove filter and clean any debris

CrossWave remove filter

  • Hand wash filter, screen, and float with warm water
    • Manually move the float up and down to ensure it moves freely and is not stuck in place

CrossWave rinse filter

  • Replace filter (after it has dried) - be sure the edges are smooth and not folded over

CrossWave put the filter in

  • Check for a black rubber gasket around the top portion of the dirty water tank
    • If it is missing, a new dirty water tank should be ordered
  • After parts dry completely, reattach the tank
  • Angle the water tank back into the body of the machine bottom first - push tank in until it clicks
    • Tank should NOT be loose or have any gaps when installed on machine
  • Turn machine on and test for suction
    • If still no suction, unplug machine
  • Remove the water tank, remove the brush window, and recline machine
  • Clear any clogs in the debris channel of the foot with a pen or straw

CrossWave remove debris


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