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How to install handles and discs on the SpinWave

What to do if you need to install handles and discs on the SpinWave

  • Unplug the machine
  • Lay machine on its back

  • Remove pads
  • Unscrew the right disc screw by twisting it counter clockwise
  • Unscrew the left disc screw by twisting it clockwise
  • Discs will need to be pried up to be removed, this will not break the machine
  • Pry discs from both sides by pulling straight off the foot of the machine
    • A flathead screwdriver can be used to gently pry up discs to get a hand hold on each end
  • Line up the flat sides of the metal posts into the slots on the new disc
  • Firmly press discs into place
  • Screw the right disc screw clockwise until tight to secure disc
  • Screw the left disc screw counter clockwise until tight to secure disc
  • Fold pads in half and line up the grey dot in the center of mop pads to the screw in the center of the disc


  • Handle must click into place - take handle out if possible
  • Check plastic latch at the base of the handle tube for crack/damage
  • If damaged, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
  • If there is no damage, reinsert handle with some force until there is a click

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