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Cleaning and emptying the dirty water tank

How to clean and empty the dirty water tank

  • Turn off and unplug machine
  • Grab front handle of dirty water tank, press down on the silver release button to remove dirty water tank

CrossWave dirty water tank

  • Grasp top of the tank from the sides and pull up to remove

CrossWave remove dirty water tank

  • Remove the screen filter from the dirty water tank by grasping sides of it and pulling up

CrossWave lift dirty water tank

  • Hand wash the filter by running warm water over the filter and screen

CrossWave hand wash filter

  • With the top portion of the tank still removed, rinse the float and surrounding areas
    • Remove strainer if machine has one (included in CrossWave Pet Pro / Advanced models) remove debris and rinse   

CrossWave remove strainer

  • It is very important the filter is completely dry before reassembling
    • Once dry, snap the screen back into place
  • Place the top piece including the screen, filter, and float back into the dirty water tank
  • Angle the tank back into the body of the machine with the bottom edge first - push the tank in until it clicks into place
    • The tank should not be loose and there should be no gaps
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