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    BISSELL Sweepers are a simple option for floor cleaning. Throw out your broom and dustpan and bring home an easier clean.

Sturdy Sweep

An easy to use sweeper

Clean up around your house with the help of
the Bissell Sturdy Sweep. This manual sweeper
is easy to maneuver around objects and furniture.
This Bissell sweeper features four small corner
brushes capturing dust and dirt on all surfaces.

Ease of use

Bissell Sturdy Sweep is easy to manoeuver and it captures dirt and dust around and under furniture thanks to the handle that lies flat.

It has a 5 brush system, 4 corner brushes for edge to edge cleaning and a primary brush to pick up lint crumbs and dirt on forward/return motion with edge cleaning.

Great for quick pick-ups as well as light and easy to store.

Technical Specifications

Color Blue / Black
Surface Carpet, hard floors
Weight 1.36 kg
Width 25 cm
Brushes 1
Angle brushes 4
Duo dust chamber 2
Number of wheels 4
Rubber wheels Yes
Handle Metal, 3-piece with suspension eye
Rotating handle Yes - makes two sides clean, forward and backward
Construction Metal