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Take your dog to work (every) day at BISSELL

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Friday 23 June is Bring your dog to work day.

Here at BISSELL, we’re pet people—so naturally, Take Your Dog to Work Day is one of our favorite days of the year. But we don’t save all the fun for just one day in June. Our office in the UK and in the USA is dog friendly 365 days of the year.

If you roam the halls at our headquarters you will often find a dog or two in an office meeting, sitting at their owners’ desk, or taking a walk outside.  Our office in the USA also has a dog friendly “PetSpot” complete with an open area for dogs to play together, kennels with outdoor access so that dogs can come in and out as they wish, treats, a dog bath, and fun toys to keep pets occupied so their owners can have meetings and get their work done.

Not only does our dog friendly culture boost morale, but studies have shown that having dogs in the office helps with collaboration and trust between employees. What more can it do for a workplace?

  1. It helps employees remember to take quick breaks throughout the day.

It’s easy to get in the work zone and forget to take a break. With a pal by their side that will surely need a few breaks throughout the day, it prompts our employees to get up on their feet and away from that computer screen.

  1. Bonding over furry friends keeps us close.

It’s tough to get to know everyone in any office. When employees bring their dogs to work, it’s hard to resist striking up a conversation. Bonding over doggy tales is a great way to get to know co-workers!

  1. Our pooches have company—and playmates!

One of the worst parts of being a pet owner is seeing the sad face in the window as you leave your house for the day. Believe us, our pups are thrilled to tag along—and meet new furry friends at the BISSELL office.

Our employees can tell you what it is really like.  Here are testimonials from our employees about bringing their dogs to work:

“I thoroughly believe that bringing your pet to work can both brighten up your day and those around you. I consider my dog to be a social butterfly, he loves to visit with all his new BISSELL friends and get all the attention. I feel like it also deepens your connection with them, allowing them to be with you more throughout the day instead of staying at home all week. It gives everyone something to look forward to and makes for a nice break from our normal routines, even if it’s a pat on the head while walking by.” - Jessica Turner, Associate eCommerce Programs Manager
“BISSELL’s dog friendly policy is just one of many examples that demonstrates our passion for and commitment to pets.  We genuinely believe in our pet mission and embody it in our everyday lives.  Pets are an integral part of our daily lives and our products.” - Matt Kruer, Director of Strategic Development
“My dog’s favorite thing to do is sit on my lap and sleep, so bringing them into work is perfect because they catch a nap, while I catch up on emails!” - Kat Curtin, BISSELL Pet Foundation Program Assistant

Here are some Fun BISSELL Pet Facts:

  • More BISSELL associates have a pet than the national average: about 72% of BISSELL associates have a cat or dog compared with 65% of households nationally.
  • Among BISSELL associates, 55% have dogs, 33% have cats, 7% have fish, and 1% have birds.
  • 94% of BISSELL associates with cats rescued their pet.
  • 64% of our dog families rescued their pet.

From our crazy dog company – Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day

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