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Save Time on Spring Cleaning with These Spring Cleaning Hacks

This time of year, your Spring Cleaning list probably feels never-ending. If you’re looking for a quality clean in a quick amount of time, this guide is for you. It’s not about cutting corners, it’s about working smarter, because you’d probably rather be spending the start of spring soaking up that sweet sunshine instead of scrubbing every room of your home from top to bottom.

Clean the floors for a quick way to brighten the house. Do you have carpet? Check out our range of carpet cleaners that help you to achieve professional results- at home! Or, if you have hard floors and area rugs, consider aBISSELL CrossWave®. It vacuums, mops and helps to dry floors at the same time, saving you time during spring cleaning or anytime during the year.

Clean the little things while you are Spring Cleaning. We’re talking dog toys, kids’ toys, hair brushes, combs, dog bowls, and anything else that is hard plastic or rubber and seems a little awkward to clean. Gather them up and set them in the sink. Use a steam mop like PowerFresh® Slim Steam to naturally clean and sanitize those objects that are easy to forget about. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can run everything through the dishwasher to get it clean, it just takes a little longer.

Cleaning your fridge can be a pain anytime. Make it easier after this Spring Cleaning season by adding shelf liners or saran wrap to the shelves. The next time something spills, or you notice that crumbs are everywhere, it will be easy to grab the shelf liner to wipe off vs. cleaning into the deep corners of the fridge.

Make more than lemonade with those lemons. You can cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into ½ cup of water, drop the rinds in that same bowl, and microwave it for 3 minutes. Once the timer goes off, leave it in the closed microwave for another 5 minutes and let the steam loosen stuck-on food. This will make wiping out the microwave a breeze.

Your vacuum can help you clean so much more than just the floor. Use your vacuum’s extension wand to clean cobwebs in ceiling corners, dust form baseboards, crumbs between appliances, lint build-up in the dyer screen area and dirt on windowsills or in sliding door tracks. Add the dusting tool and go to town on dust in places like bookshelves, mantles, side tables, lampshades, and pantry shelves in your home.
Choose a cloudy day during your Spring Cleaning session to clean your windows. This helps keep them from drying too fast. BONUS HACK: use newspaper instead of paper towel to wipe them off. This helps avoid streaks, meaning you won’t have to clean those windows twice.

To easily clean the stove and oven, grab your portable steam cleaner. It will easily steam away any caked-on grime without the use of harsh chemicals. Then, use car wax on your vents and stove top. On vents, the wax will help keep things like pet hair and dust from building up. On the stove, it’ll make cleaning future stains easier because it essentially puts a slippery layer of protection between the stove and messes, so wiping them is a cinch.
Clean your toilet bowl while you are doing other things. Did you know you can use a can of dark cola to clean the bowl, especially if you have rust stains? Pour a can into the toilet and let the acids in the soda break down the stain for about an hour, then scrub the bowl and flush it all away. Denture cleaner also works wonders for cleaning the toilet. Drop two or three tablets into your toilet bowl, let them sit for about 10 minutes, then scrub and flush!

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