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PowerWash™ Premier Carpet Cleaner blogger review

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I was very excited when the PowerWash™ Premier Carpet Cleaner arrived. We have recently had a new roof and the exterior wall repainted. The dust and dirt had got everywhere from the work, and had appeared to give a green light to everyone in my house to abandon all sense of cleaning and keeping things tidy.

The initial assembly of the machine was pleasantly straightforward. All that was needed was to slide the handle of the machine onto the main body, and secure it with the two screws provided. The machine, although large, is not as big as expect, about 10% bigger than my current upright vacuum.

I already had cleaning solution to use with the machine, but there was a mini bottle of solution in the box, with enough in there for two fills of the water tank (in my case this was two rooms worth). So even if I had not been prepared, I could have got started immediately.

I sat down with a coffee to read the instructions on how to use the machine, but the instructions were very clear, and did not warrant a 10 minute sit down!

Firstly I vacuumed the living room carpet, and was skeptical that the machine would work, only last week my husband had suggested that we may need to buy a new carpet. In the past, I had spot cleaned the stains with handheld carpet shampoos from the supermarket, but they had never worked.

The water tank simply lifts off the main body of the machine, and after unclipping the chunky clips you fill with hand hot water and two caps of the cleaning solution, you then place this tank back onto the machine.

I was ready to begin, and started at a point furthest from the door, so I was not standing on the bits I had already cleaned. I turned the machine on and pulled the trigger as I moved the machine over and back over roughly a metre length of carpet. This is getting the cleaning shampoo into the carpet. Then I passed the machine over the same length again (twice) without holding the trigger, and this sucks up the water and grime.

On the really stubborn spots of dirt, that all other methods’ had failed, I used the CleanShot button, to give the stain a concentrated blast of solution (see video). You need a bit of practice in lining the CleanShot blast up with the stain, but once you realise the exact area that it “blasts” from it is actually quite fun. I was really pleased with the before and after results, I think the results speak for themselves!

I also attempted to clean my sofa. What appeared to be ground in chocolate was on the arm of the sofa. (See pictures in next email). I used the Turbo Brush to tackle this, and the chocolate stain disappeared before my eyes.

I was very impressed with the results, so thought I would tackle a big stain on my bedroom carpet, which had been there for about 5 years. I had even had the carpet professionally cleaned 3 years ago, and they had failed to get rid of the stain.

The machine is quite heavy, so was difficult to lug up the stairs, with hindsight (and a little tip), take the machine up the stirs first without the water tank, and fill and place the tank onto the machine once it is in place!

Once I got it in place, I again used the Turbo Brush on my stain, what can I say… amazing results once again, not a trace of the 5 year old stain to be seen (see photos in next email).

Once finished, emptying the water tank is easy. You unclip the robust clips and pour the shockingly dirty water down the sink. (See video on next email). I was horrified at how dirty the water was, my cream carpets, although I know were grubby, I had no idea they were that bad.Before putting away I cleaned out the debris basket on the top of the water tank. Again this is very robust and slides off. This is all the big bits off hair and fluff and have come off your carpet. You may also see lumps of this damp fluff when you cleaning the carpet. It is quite normal, and I just picked them up afterwards.

On putting the machine away, I found that the cleaning tool of the end of the hose would not stay in its holder on the back of the machine. After spending more time trying to work out why this kept of popping out of place than I did to empty the machine. I think it is because I had the brush the wrong way round.

In closing

In summary, a great machine, with two really good features (the Turbo Brush and the CleanShot button), that actually work. With a bit of rejigging the machine will fit into my cupboard, along with my regular vacuum, and other bits and pieces. It has saved a carpet that I had fallen out of love with, and perked up my sofa… the children are now banned from the living room!

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