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My Hero Day results 2015

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For the second year in a row, the BISSELL UK My Hero Day competition provided a variety of wonderful photographs and stories from our social media community. My Hero Day is aligned with Father’s Day but aims to celebrate all heroes across the world. From dads, moms, sons, daughters, pets, friends and family, we love to hear about your heroes.

As ever, we had an array of really funny dads, dads who lead by example, moms who go above and beyond and children who keep their parents smiling.


Congratulations to our overall winner: Cassie Louise! Cassie is from Brentwood in Essex, and has won herself a brand new BISSELL MultiReach™ for her photograph of her hero, her father Mike Conyers. Her Dad is blind, yet is still incredibly active. Here he is after he just sky dived for a charity! He reminds us to live our lives with courage and fun. WOW! Congratulations.While Cassie might be our overall winner, we have had an array of incredible hero photographs for My Heroes Day 2015. It just goes to show who really makes you happy and supports you when you need it most. This includes children heroes, women heroes, grandad heroes, first time dad heroes, family heroes, brave heroes, the list goes on! Here are some of our best entries:

Daddys and daughters

Dads across the globe are a young girl’s first hero. Sheila’s dad is 87 years old, cares for her mum and is her hero. Here are some of our daddy daughter entries:

My Hero Day submissions
Emma Jane Holder via FB – Amanda Potter-Berry via Twitter – Mrs Carlene N via Twitter.
5 Companion Dads
Liz Liz Denial via Twitter – Lydia Frew via Twitter
.4 Hero Fathers
Shelia Shelaggy via Twitter – Foxettey via Twitter – Katie Prentice via Twitter.

Funny heroes

We’re almost totally convinced that ‘Dad Joke’ should be added to the dictionary. Our fathers are determined to make us laugh, giggle and smile; and sometimes have the worst, cheesiest jokes, but you can’t help but laugh. They’re the heroes who are there to add a little light to our cloudy days. Here are some of the heroes who have done that well:

6 Crazy Dads
Melsy Melsy via Twitter – Rachael via Twitter – Clare D Leahy via Twitter
7 Crazy dads
Lucy Thorne via Twitter – Fiona Oceanrise via Twitter
20 Fun Heros
Gemma Brown sent these pictures of her heroes, her children, via Twitter.

Garden heroes

Some heroes love some outdoor daughter-father adventure time and are always there to keep a look out, give a push on the swings, turn your world upside down and reach for the sky.

2 Adventure Silly Dads
Anna Warner via Twitter – Fee Edwards via Twitter – Karen Hemsbybeach via Twitter.
3 Dads Up in the Air
Nikewikewa via Twitter – Rosanne Francis via Twitter.

Grand heroes

Some of our heroes are just grand. Here’s Trevor (L) by Carol Patrick, on their holiday in Florida and Jeanie McColl’s Dad via Twitter (R).

8 Grandad Dads
Here’s Julieanna Reilly’s collage of pictures of her wonderful Dad and Amy Walthall’s funny Dad (R), which were sent in via Facebook and Twitter respectively.17 The Best of Dads22 Champion Dads
From Gill Saunders via Twitter (L) and Lindsay Seels via Twitter (R)

Twitter Sue Gibson 20.06.15

Sue Gibson’s Dad, via Twitter.

Super women

So many of the women in our lives are true heroes. From juggling careers, homes, personal lives, partners and children, they’re the ones who show us how to care. Here are some of this year’s women heroes:

13 Mom Heros
Beverly Cousins’ picture, via Facebook, and Natalie C via Twitter.

Family heroes

Thanks to the My Hero Day entries we’re able to learn about family heroes, the people that make a difference in the lives of their partners and children. Here are some of this year’s family heroes:

10 Family Dads
Laura Marshall via Twitter – Abbie Webb via Twitter – Vicki Cullen via Facebook
11 Dads and sons
Laura Davies via Twitter – Lisa Williams via Twitter
9 Family Dads
Laura Schlanders via Twitter – Michelle Harbins via Twitter – Margaret via Twitter
Trudee Trudeestweets 15.06.15 Twitter
Trudee’s hero and his family, via Twitter.

Actual super heroes

When our regular heroes run out of steam, thank goodness there are SUPER HEROES to save us!

14 Hero Kids
These Curious Thoughts via Twitter – Sarah Mansell via Twitter – Kelly Webb via Twitter

House heroes 

Home makers will know that ANYONE who wants to help with the housework is MOST welcome. Here are some of this year’s best home helping housework heroes:

15 Housework Heros

Gary Wasabi via Twitter – Kerry Bearley via Facebook – Gemma via Twitter

Home heroes

We take our hat off to the dads who work hard, not only at their jobs but also at home. Here’s Rebecca Kingston’s hero keeping the BBQ a light and Sally’s Dad helping to build her brother’s garage.

Working Heros

National heroes

And let us not fail to mention the heroes who serve the entire nation! Heroes who are there to protect not only our families but our nation as a whole. Below is Rick Haswell’s dad in World War 2, now nearly 90 and still in great shape.

16 Military Heros

We even have heroes from way back when and today.

21 Hero Dads8 Grandad Heros

Partner heroes

For most people, their partners are their everyday heroes. Here are two of our My Hero Day entries which are quirky…lazy…funny…fun, but most importantly, supportive. Here’s Zoey with her husband in Bali. Claire says her parents are her heroes. Dee’s husband saved her from “bloodthirsty zombies, true story” and on the right, Abbie’s husband when she asked him to take the sofa out in order to fit in the new one!

18 Partner Heros12 Quirky heros

Thank you to all the BISSELL UK supporters who shared their images via Facebook and Twitter this #MyHeroDay. We celebrate those who have supported you throughout your lives. Happy #MyHeroDay!

19 REal HerosEmma Weiss MadameWeiss 15.06.15 Twitter Rachel Rachelw081 18.06.15 Twitter

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