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Meet the clean team

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The Clean Team is your dirt busting, stain spoiling, cleaning expert team ready at the tip of a feather duster to give you cleaning advice, product reviews, product news and tips.


Currently our Clean Team consists of dirt-fighting duo, Joanne Lyles and Valerie Thorn, who are experts in tackling tough grime.


Valerie is a retired, independent lady from Berkshire who resides with her Shih Tzu called Milly.

We asked our Clean Team a little more about themselves and their their loves and hates of cleaning:

What’s one of the best cleaning tips you’ve been told and continue to use?

Joanne: One of the best and oldest cleaning tips I have been given and still use, is clean as you go! It really does make the big weekly clean so much easier and quicker!

Valerie: I have not been told about this tip as it was my own idea! This is how it came about: I accidentally left my freezer door open which resulted in the freezer getting badly iced up. I switched the freezer off and used my Bissell hand-held steamer to defrost it. Did the job in an amazingly short time.

If you never had to do one chore again which would it be?

Joanne: Clean the shower – we live in a hard water area, and the shower needs constant attention.

Valerie: It would be ironing … Ughh!

What is your favourite BISSELL product and why?

Joanne: My favourite Bissell product at the moment is the Powerwash Premier carpet cleaner, it is a really powerful and effective machine, but is so easy and quick to set up.

Valerie: My Bissell Proheat 2x Carpet Cleaner. It is super-efficient at deep cleaning my carpets.

Do you have one daily cleaning trick that makes a big difference?

Joanne: When changing the beds, I wash and iron the duvet covers inside out. Then when I have to put them back on, I put my arms into the cover, grab the two furthest corners and wiggle the cover over the duvet – so much easier!

Valerie: Even if the microwave does not appear to need cleaning, wipe dry any resulting condensation immediately after use.

Please tell us a little more about yourself and what you like to do in your spare time?

Joanne:  I am married to Tony, and have two daughters, Eleanor and Hannah, who are 6 and 5. I enjoy walking and cooking but my spare time always seems to be filled with running around picking up behind the girls.

Valerie: 5 years ago I slipped down the stairs at home and broke my toe. As a result, I spent a few weeks at home hand-knitting. It dawned on me that there must be a quicker way! What about machine knitting?

I now have a ‘collection’ of machines, learnt to spin my own yarn on a spinning wheel, have a blog about machine knitting, am secretary of a local knitting machine club and hold posts at the Machine Knitters Guild and Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers!

Our cleaning team will be sharing their best tips, reviews and advice on our BISSELL UK blog every month. Visit us again to learn how to make tackling dirt easier with our help.

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