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How to keep your home allergy-free

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With around 16.5 million dogs and cats being kept as pets in the UK1, it’s fair to say that we’re a nation of animal lovers! However, with less than half of these pets sleeping in their own beds, pet hair allergy sufferers are faced with the tricky task of cleaning a house full of hair. So what can we do to keep these allergies at bay?

Kerry’s Story

We caught up with Kerry Pick, a marketing professional from Bristol, who suffers with a pet hair and saliva allergy but is also the proud owner of two pups, Roxie and Bobby. Kerry has suffered with pet allergies for as long as she can remember, with her allergy first appearing when she went horse riding as a little girl: “I soon began sneezing and coughing. After a while I could hardly see as my eyes were so puffy and so my mum had to collect me and take me home.

As a huge animal lover, Kerry was desperate to find a solution which would let her spend more time with Roxie and Bobby: “It’s so frustrating because I love my pets but I struggle to play with them.” To begin with, she tried to control her symptoms by regularly taking allergy tablets but these had little success against the malted fur filling her home: “I’m always careful not to touch my eyes while I’m around them and wash my hands afterwards but their hair gets everywhere and that really affects me, especially when it clings to my clothes.”

The Solution

After introducing weekly carpet cleaning to her cleaning routine, Kerry was shocked at the difference it made to her allergy symptoms: “My husband and I can’t believe the difference!” Incorporating the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser and BISSELL SpotClean into this routine has kept Kerry’s allergy symptoms under control: “The Pet Hair Eraser is great for removing all of the loose hair around the home but also works to trap allergens, while the SpotClean is really good for small accidents and removing saliva.

Kerry now enjoys an allergy-free home where she can spend plenty of quality time with her furry friends: “The relationship that I have with my dogs has completely transformed and I love that I can now enjoy the time we spend together as a family.

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