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Family fun time – 4 ideas for relaxing autumn days

The temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter and slowly the first leaves are falling from the trees – without a doubt, autumn is here. A beautiful season that can be used for great activities. In this month’s blog post we have four ideas on how to spend lovely and relaxing autumn days with your family.

Forest walks collecting autumn decorations

When the leaves start changing colour and falling off the trees, there's almost nothing better than taking a long walk in the woods. So grab your kids and dogs and let's go! While you're walking through the colorful and crisp autumn leaves, you can pick up some beautiful fall decorations for your home. An autumn wreath made of colourful leaves, acorns and chestnuts brings a cosy atmosphere into the house, doesn't it? By the way, you don't have to worry about muddy shoes and scattered leaves in your home. The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max vacuums, mops and dries your floors in just one go, so you have more time to spend on your autumn decorations.

Crafting with the whole family

It’s cold and wet outside? Ideal for an afternoon getting creative together. Whether self-painted pictures, small paper dragons or beaded necklaces – there are no limits to the imagination. Get out your scissors, pens and glue and let your children get started. You will be amazed at what they can create. By the way, it’s fun for mums and dads to get creative too! You can even make a little family competition out of it. And no matter how many paper scraps are scattered across the room, the cleanup is done in no time with the stick vacuum cleaner BISSELL ICON 25 V .

Apple pie and hot punch

With the cooler temperatures comes the desire to heat up the oven and bake delicious pies. How about an apple pie made from apples and nuts you've collected yourself and a hot apple punch to go with it? That will sweeten up any rainy and cold afternoon. And while you're still in the kitchen together, the SpinWave Robot will start vacuuming or mopping your floors spotlessly clean, so that not a single cake crumb remains. Great, isn't it?

Cosy movie nights on the sofa

When it gets dark early in the evening, cosy movie nights are a nice way to end the day. Make it a nice family event and pick a funny family movie, grab some snacks and drinks and then cuddle up on the sofa under some blankets laughing and snacking together. And even if red wine or soft drinks end up on the sofa or carpet, you can remove all stains effortlessly with the BISSELL SpotClean .


We wish you a wonderful autumn season!