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Chores for kids during the term

Floor cleaning

Now that the kids are back at school, getting them to help with daily chores can help their routine and motivate them to earn some extra pocket money. Create a chart on the fridge with stars or stickers that can mark their efforts. We’ve created a list of age appropriate chores for kids that may help you involve your children int he home.

Here are some easy chores that they can start with in the evening:

  • Put toys away in toy boxes.
  • Tidy shoes away in cupboards.
  • Feed the cat or dog (or both).
  • Put lunch box in kitchen for washing.
  • Get sports and school bag ready for the morning.

In the morning, why not try these easy chores:

Made children's bed

  • Make bed.
  • Pick up clothes and put in laundry basket or on a chair for folding away.
  • Put the toothbrush cap back on the tube.
  • Tidy away breakfast dishes.
  • Open bedroom curtains.

These are simple and easy chores that children can do in order to help around the house. If they make their beds and pick up their clothes, this will make vacuuming a lot easier too.

If your kids are slightly older and would like to earn some extra pocket money, why not try these weekend chores:

Child sweeping

  • Dust bedroom.
  • Sweep porch or path way.
  • Hang up washing and take it off when dry.
  • Roll matching socks together.
  • Pick up the dog poop.

And if they’re saving for the latest computer game and REALLY want to earn some extra money for a long term goal, these chores can give them the extra edge that they may need:

Child washing the car

  • Wash the car.
  • Weeding the garden/raking the leaves.
  • Collect snails/wood lice/slugs.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Clear snow/leaves out the drive way.
  • Help with the cooking of Sunday dinners or when guests are expected.
  • Wash the dog. 

Wah the dog

Involving your children in home activities teaches them how to be responsible and take care of themselves. Young adults being able to care for themselves (cooking, cleaning, paying rent) has been an issue in the UK over the last few years and including your children in your home activities can help them learn. Should they move out for college or University, they will have the skills to do their own laundry and manage their own spaces, even if it’s a dorm room or a flat share. Allowing your children to earn pocket money can also teach them the value of money, how to save and how to set a goal and achieve it.

Proud child with star chart

As parents, it is too easy to provide the luxuries for your children that you know they desire. Teaching them to work towards a goal for themselves will serve them well for the future. And when you do spoil them for their birthdays or at Christmas time, they will appreciate their gifts more as they will better understand the value of money.

Have a good school term and happy cleaning!

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