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BISSELL tips: September 2014


Each week, BISSELL UK likes to dedicate their social channels to cleaning tips. It’s amazing how one simple trick can make all the difference when tackling tough stains or a difficult cleaning task. We’d love for you to leave your comments below on tricks you use to keep mould away from your taps, ensure your dirt bin stays fresh, keep allergies at bay and remove sticky surfaces. Here are our tips for September:

1. If your stainless steel sink is desperately in need of a good scrub, use baking soda and limes to tackle the marks. It will also help shine the metal. Dispose of the limes in your rubbish bin for a fresh scent.

2. If someone has been up to mischief with a marker pen in your home, use hair spray to remove the signs. Simply spray the hair spray onto the hard surface area and wipe off.

3. The very last bits of soap are seldom ever used. Usually they’re just left to stick to a sink or abandoned at the bottom of your washing utensil holder. If you would like to reuse the last bits of soap, combine them with glycerine (available from health shops) and some warm water. This will melt them down, allowing you to pour into a bottle to use as homemade liquid soap.

4. If you have some beautiful candles and fear they will burn down too quickly and disappear forever, place them in a plastic packet and pop them into the deep freeze for 24 hours before lighting. This will help the candles last longer.

5. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a small bowl of water, add both lemon halves and place in the microwave for five minutes. The fresh scent eliminates cooking odours while the condensation from the steam loosens random splatters that have hardened. Afterwards, wipe away the loose stains with a damp cloth.

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