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BISSELL tips: July 2014

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Each week, BISSELL UK likes to share great cleaning tips through their social channels. It’s amazing how one simple trick can make all the difference when tackling tough stains or a difficult cleaning task. We’d love to hear from you to learn some of the tricks you use to keep mould away from your taps, ensure your dirt bin stays fresh, keep allergies at bay and remove sticky surfaces, to mention just a few. Here are our tips for now:

As it’s summer time, it’s also allergy season. This means that extra cleaning may be required to keep your home dust and allergy free. Bathroom mould can cause a lot of agitation. To keep your bathroom allergy friendly, ensure you scrub away the mould from your bath and tap faucets as this can agitate allergic reactions.


School holidays are here which means kids will be outdoors and keeping active. It also means that grass stains will start appearing on clothing. Here’s an easy tip to get rid of grass stains: Dab a good stain remover, such as the BISSELL Oxy Pro Pet Spot and Stain Remover onto the stain. Add it in a hot wash (60 degrees) using a biological washing detergent. If there are any stains left, dab with mentholated spirits to get them out.


Did you celebrate International Friendship Day last week? Friends can share great cleaning tips which stay with us for life. Here’s one we learnt from a friend: if you peel off a label and sticky glue remains, remove it with an eraser. Simply “rub out” the sticky glue and voi la! What cleaning tips has a friend taught you?

If your dustbin becomes a bit smelly, line it with fresh newspaper every week in order to catch any dripping liquids that may find their way to the bottom of your bin.


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