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5 Summer Cleaning Essentials for 2021

Summer is finally here! That means hot days in the pool or lake and long warm nights with lots of barbecues in the garden. We bet you’ve already seen a lot of summer messes, and in the coming weeks we expect you’ll see many more. We know we’re not the only ones anticipating the sticky, melty messes, so we rounded up our favorite cleaning products, which will let you focus on enjoying the sunshine, and not the hot messes it often brings.

  1. SpinWave Robot

Summer messes can happen in an instant, so shouldn’t you be able to take care of them instantly? With the BISSELL SpinWave Robot you can! The wet and dry vacuum robotic cleaner not only vaccums your floors but also mops them. Whether you are preparing a fresh dessert for the next barbecue or a cold drink: you don’t have to worry about your floors afterwards. The SpinWave Robot will take care of it all by itself. Via its app you can easily schedule the next clean-up and enjoy warm summer days in the garden while your floors are being powerfully cleaned.

  1. Multi Reach Active

Most of the time, our trip to the lake isn’t quite over when we leave. Sand and grass like to hitch a ride home with us, and sometimes they only reach the mats in our cars, but other times they make their way inside our homes. We love using our Multi Reach Active  to get rid of the dirt wherever it’s hiding. The 2-in-1 device stands out with a motorized tangle-free brush roll, which prevents hair from wrapping around it, and LED lights in the foot. It works as both a full-size and a handheld vacuum cleaner with a flexible crevice tool to get sand out of all nooks and crannies.

  1. CrossWave®Cordless Max Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

You want to know what we find oddly satisfying? We not-so-secretly get excited when there’s a melted, sticky mess on the floor, like from a popsicle or ice cream, because that means we get to watch our CrossWave® Cordless Max  work its magic. We can’t help but smile every time we let our CrossWave vacuum up a mess AND wash that mess at the same time! There’s something about watching a machine do twice the work for you in one go that delights us to no end. Have we mentioned that it works to refresh area rugs, too?

  1. Pet Hair Eraser

Your dear four legged friend is shedding its coat as temperatures are rising? With the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser you can remove persistent pet hair and little messes thoroughly. The detachable motorized brush helps capture more embedded pet hair and dirt, providing a deeper clean. And the included crevice tool and soft surfaces tool for couches, sofas, mattresses, area rugs and more, can either be used separately or be combined  to achieve maximum usefulness. 

  1. SpotCleaner

Summertime is ice cream time! With these hot temperatures, we can make an exception and let the kids eat their ice cream in the car. But in the blink of an eye, it is already too late: Half the ice cream ends up on the car seat. What a mess! With the BISSELL SpotCleaners you don't have to worry about it. The lightweight and portable device is perfect for removing even the most stubborn stains. Spray, scrub and suction are combined to tackle the stain.

No matter what messes summer sends your way, the essentials above will help you clean them quickly and with little effort, so you can spend time enjoying these fleeting summer moments and not be bothered by the messes.

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