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Powerful high pressure handheld Steam Cleaner

Use this steam cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grime from many different surfaces around your home: kitchen, bathroom and much more.

BISSELL's Steam Shot gives you a chemical-free deep clean using only tap water with the power of steam in a hand held unit, eliminating bacteria around your home. Powerful steam cleaning unit with 1000 watts generating 4.5 bar pressure, and 15 minutes cleaning time using the steam on demand trigger you can provide steam wherever you need it. This multi-purpose product includes multiple tools for many different tasks

Powerful high pressure handheld Steam Cleaner

Breakdown grime and grease with the power of steam in a hand held unit

Various tools for cleaning kitchens, grills, bathrooms, grouts, windows and more

Powerful hand held steam unit with 1000 watts generating 4.5 bar pressure

Chemical free cleaning – use tap water to give you a deep clean on all surfaces to help eliminate germs

Steam on demand trigger with built-in safety feature – to provide steam wherever you need it around your home

Tools included: pouring jug, extension hose, detailed brush kit with 3 color coded brushes, angled concentrated tool, window squeegee, flat pad, flat scraping tool, 2 microfiber cleaning cloths, accessory nozzle

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* readyin60sec|15minpertank

General specifications

Cleaning surface Countertops, Sinks, Grouts, Bathrooms, Kitchen
Color Titanium & Blue
Wattage/Power 1050 W

Techical specifications

Water tank capacity (L) 0.36 L
Cord length (m) 4.8 m
Heat up time 60 seconds
Hose length (m) 0.8 m
Included in the box SteamShot, 9 Multi-Surface Cleaning Attachments, Window Squeegee, User Guide
Run time Up to 15 minutes
Steam Pressure 4.5 Bar
Tools 1. Pouring jug for filling water tank 2. Extension hose 3. Detail brush kit with 3 color coded brushes 4. Grout brush 5. Angle concentrated tool 6. Window squeegee 7. Flat pad 8. Flat scraping tool 9. Accessory nozzle 10. (2) Microfiber cleaning cloth
Water tank capacity (L) 0,36 L
Wet & dry suction 0.36 L
Steam on trigger Yes - Via Trigger on Handle
Weight 1.5 kg
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The light will turn off when the machine is ready to spray steam. This may take a few minutes.

Unplug the machine and wait (about 5 minutes) for the machine to spray. Check to see if there is water in the tank. When the machine is cool, you can then add water.

Wait until the red indicator shuts off. Once the light is off, your machine should be ready to use. This may take a few minutes.

After the machine is cooled down (about 5 minutes) make sure there is water in the tank. Make sure the red indicator is off. The light will turn off as soon as the machine is hot enough to spray steam. If the light is still red, the machine will not spray.

To check if the nozzle is clogged. Take the tool off from the machine and see if the machine sprays without the tool connected. If the unit sprays without the tool attached, clean the spray tip on the tool with the end of a paper clip. If the machine does not spray without the tool, wait about 5 minutes for the machine to cool. Then clean the nozzle with a paper clip.


BISSELL is a family owned company that has been a leader in the homecare business for over five generations. We have a deep commitment to understanding the lives and cleaning needs of our consumers. That fundamental belief leads us to researching their home environments and cleaning habits.

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