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Powerfresh Lift Off Steam Mop

Multifunction 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner

The BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop is a Multifunction 2-in-1 steam cleaner: you get a powerful steam mop for sealed hard surfaces and a portable handheld steam cleaner perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, garden furniture, BBQ’s and lots more.

Powerful 1600W flash heating system provides super heated steam and is ready to use in 30 seconds. Cleans and sanitizes as the super-heated steam breaks down dirt, grime and bacteria to leave surfaces truly spotless, eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Detachable steam pod with built-in hose that allows you to clean above the floor surface everywhere around the home. It includes multiple cleaning attachments for cleaning on a variety of surfaces above your floors including kitchen appliances, kitchen work tops, bathrooms, windows, grout, and even car wheels and garden furniture

Multifunction 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner

Cleans and sanitises as the super heated steam breaks down dirt, grime and bacteria to leave surfaces truly spotless; killing 99.9% of all germs & bacteria all around the home

Detachable steam pod that allows you to clean above the floor surface everywhere around the home

Multiple tools to clean every surface include: grout brush, detail brushes, flat surface cleaning tool with microfiber pad, 2x microfiber mop pads (1x soft / 1x scrubby)

Manual variable steam control to automatically control the steam output to suit different surfaces around the home

Triangular foopt for excellent corner cleaning

Extra long hose and assortment of accessories for detailed cleaning

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General specifications

Cleaning surface Sealed hard floors, Low pile carpets, Above floor cleaning
Color Titanium
Wattage/Power 1600 W

Techical specifications

Water tank capacity (L) 0.4 L
Cord length (m) 7.5 m
Fingertips controls Yes
Foot type Triangular
Heater type Flash Heather Technology
Included in the box 4 easy-to-assemble components: body, foot, handle & Screw; 2 Mop Pads (1 Washable Soft Pad & 1 Washable Scrubby Pad); 3 Brushes, User Guide
Mop pads 2x Mop Pads (1x Soft / 1x Scrubby Pad)
Ready to use in 30 seconds
Removable steam pod unit Yes
Steam filter No
Steam temperature 90° - 95°
Steam Pressure Not Applicable- Flash Heather Technology
Steam run time (min) Up to 21 minutes
Suction power (aW) 7 aW
Tools Extension hose (1.5 m) / grout brush / fabric cleaner / detail brushes / flat surface cleaning tool w/ microfiber pad / 2x microfiber mop pads (1x soft / 1x scrubby)
Steam variable Yes
Water tank capacity (L) 0,4 L
Wet & dry suction 400 ml
On-board hose No - Separate Hose 1.5m
Steam on trigger Yes
Removable water tank No
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Your new Steam Mop doesn’t have a power button. The mop will turn on once it’s plugged in and will stay on until it’s unplugged. Use the Steam Level button to choose which level of steam you’d like to use. The Steam Level indicator light will blink blue upon turning on and stay a solid blue once the mop is ready to steam.

If you let the machine linger a second or two too long, it can leave a milky spot or streak on waxed floors. This can be removed with vinegar and water.

Always be sure to thoroughly sweep or vacuum the floor prior to using your mop. This is necessary to remove any loose debris.

Check what kind of flooring you have. The PowerFresh® Steam Mop is great to use on tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, stone, and sealed hardwood floors.  Your mop is not for use on unsealed hardwood flooring.

Have you ever put anything other than water in the water tank? Water is the only thing that can go in the water tank. Anything else, like vinegar, may cause streaks but also may permanently damage your mop.

If you’ve never put anything besides water in the tank, try using a damp towel to remove the streaks.

Now take a look at the micro-fiber pad. If it has an odd-looking substance on it, this most likely has come from the flooring.

If you can remove the streaks with the towel or the micro-fiber pad has an odd substance, the streaking is likely being caused by a floor polish or wax. Using your mop on waxed floors may decrease its glossiness.

If you don’t wax or polish your floors, you should check the care instructions from your flooring manufacturer.

If you’re able to remove the streaks, wash the pads with a mild detergent in your washing machine. Don’t add fabric softener or bleach.

Careful! Your mop will become warm to the touch after it has been used for a few minutes, especially the base and other lower areas (the handle is fine). There’s a warning panel on the back of the mop as a reminder.

1. First, check the water tank and make sure it’s pushed securely into the mop.

2. Next, take a look at the cap and make sure it’s not cracked.

3. Check that the rubber gasket at the tip of the cap is still attached to the cap. Are you using anything in addition to water in the tank? Vinegar will cause deformity of the gasket. Other solutions may cause breakdown of the gasket and/or other parts of the machine. Please be sure that you putonly water in the tank. Do not use vinegar or any other solution in the tank.

4. Check that the x-valve (located inside the mouth of the cap) is working properly. Push up on the valve over the sink to ensure that the water releases out of the tank. If there is an issue, the cap assembly will need to be replaced.


BISSELL is a family owned company that has been a leader in the homecare business for over five generations. We have a deep commitment to understanding the lives and cleaning needs of our consumers. That fundamental belief leads us to researching their home environments and cleaning habits.

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