• Steam, the most natural way of cleaning

    the most natural way of cleaning

    Ready to clean in as little as 30 seconds,  clean everyday messes and eliminate many invisible germs and bacteria. Give your family the clean home they deserve.

Vac & Steam

All-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop

Save time. The BISSELL Vac&Steam all-in-one vacuum and steam mop vacuums and steams at the same time or separately, the electronic one touch fingertip controls in the handle make it easy to switch from vacuum to steam or use both easily. Get the job done without using harsh chemicals.

Ready in 30 seconds
Cyclonic vacuum action
Steam control
Wet/Dry separation
Easily remove mop pad tray
Hard Floors Safe*

Ease of use

3 ways to clean—vacuum or steam separately or use both at the same time. Save time by vacuuming debris and steaming hard floors at the same time.

Put away the dirty mop and bucket and skip the harsh chemicals. Cleans and sanitizes as the super-heated steam breaks down dirt, grime and bacteria to leave surfaces truly spotless. Killing 99.9% of all germs & bacteria all around the home using just water.

Skip the broom and dustpan and let the powerful cyclonic action vacuum and steam cleaner pickup dry debris in one pass.

Dry-tank technology keeps debris in the dust bin completely dry and away from the steam at all times. Its easy empty button feature makes clean up after use simple and easy.

Two vacuum filters - foam and pleated are both washable and trap fine dust & debris to provide clean exhaust air back in to the room.

Built-in water filter to remove any impurities in the tap water to help protect your machine.     

Easy to use with electronic fingertip controls in the handle that make it easy to switch from vacuum to steam or use both separately and to control the steam on demand feature providing instant steam where and when you want. Includes a telescopic handle that is ideal for storage in cupboards when not in use.

The easy to remove mop pad tray makes putting on or removing pads easier than ever. Add scent to your cleaning with the included scented discs that fit in to a unique pocket in the Microfibre cleaning pads.

Technical Specifications

Surface Sealed Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpets, Area Rugs
Color White & Red
Wattage/Power 1600 W - Vacuum & Steam
Noise Level 81 dBA
Steam Run time 15 minutes
Ready to Use in 30 seconds
Variable Steam Yes
Heater type Flash Heating System
Steam Pressure Not Applicable- Flash Heater Technology
Water Tank Capacity 0.4 l
Dirt Bin Capacity 0.95 l
Removable Water Tank No
Steam Filter Yes
Vacuum Filter Yes - 2x, washable
Vacuum Filter Type Washable Foam and Pleated vacuum filter
Telescopic Handle Yes
Fingertips Controls Yes - Electronic
Steam on Demand Trigger Yes
Mop Pads 2 x Mop Pads (1 x delicate / 1 x scrubby pad)
Mop Pad Composition White/Grey - Polyester 65%, Polypropylene 14%, Polyamide 21% White - Polyester 86%, Polypropylene 14%
Scented Refresher Discs Yes - 2x
Cord Length 7.6 m
Weight 4.6 kg
Easy to Remove Pad Plate Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Vac & Steam as a steamer and vacuum at the same time?

This machine can be used as a vacuum and a steamer at the same time.  Follow the table below for instructions of settings.  it can also be run just as a vacuum and just as a steamer.  There are 6 different settings for this machine.  See table below of how you can use this machine:

FAQ table

How do I remove the filter on my Vac & Steam?

If the filter is hard to remove, take out the hose and then use the "grips" on the filter to pull out.  Start by pulling the lower hose out first, then turn the upper hose to the left until it pulls out.  Then grasp the filter on each side and pull straight out.  The "dummy" filter has a slight grip.  The white filter has two grips, one on each side.

How do I wash the mop pads for my Vac & Steam, model 1132 series?

Wash on regular cycle with mild detergent only for best results.  Do not use bleach, it could cause the break down of the pad.  It is not recommended to use any fabric softener with the micro fiber pads.

The mop pads for my Vac & Steam, have developed holes. Why?

What type of flooring is being cleaned? Abrasive flooring such as rough tile, brick, etc. will impact the pad more-so than a smooth vinyl flooring. If abrasive flooring is being cleaned, you will go through more pads than if cleaning smooth flooring.

Wash mop pads in wash machine with a mild detergent. DO NOT ADD fabric softener or bleach. Doing so could break down the pads quicker and cause holes.

My Vac & Steam will not produce steam. What do I check?


1.  Make sure the correct tank has water in it.  (Water tank and not the dirt cup).

2.  Make sure the "Steam Ready" LED light has finished blinking (about 30 seconds).  Wait until the light goes solid and attempt to steam.

3.  Make sure the steam setting LED light is on "HI" If it is not lit, the machine will not steam.

4.  Make sure you are holding the trigger on the handle up to two minutes to get the unit to prime.

5.  Make sure the filter** is properly seated.  Remove the cartridge.  Examine to make sure the black gasket is still on the outside of one of the two ports of the cartridge.  there is an "X" valve inside the hole this port fits into.  Push on this to make sure water flows (make sure the machine is unplugged).  Use the palm of your hand with force to firmly push the cartridge in place to make sure it is fully seated.  This will make sure the pump is not sucking air around the gasket.

**Not all machines have a water filter.  Some have a "dummy" filter.  A filter is required for this machine, just not a water filter, it is optional.

There should be no gap between the filter and the machine when it is installed properly.

6.  Plug the machine back in, wait 30 seconds for the "Steam Ready" LED to stop blinking.  Place the "HI" button light to the "HI" LED.  Hold the handle trigger closed for two minutes.

7.  Has a new filter been installed?  If so, hold the trigger down at least 2 minutes to allow the filter to fill up with water.  It should then start steaming.  You may also soak the filter for 10 to 15 minutes to saturate the filter.

8.  Take the foot off the machine, remove the foot tray and also the pad and ream the steam tip on the foot as well as the foot tray with a paper clip to remove any obstructions.