Steam Mop

How do I know when I need to change my filter?

The filter changes from a green and white speckled appearance to a solid block of blue color to indicate when it is time for a replacement. The filter should also be replaced if it appears to be cracked.

How long will it take my Steam Mop to heat up?

The Steam Mop is ready to clean in approximately 30 seconds. When the indicator light on the front of the unit comes on, you're ready to clean. During the first use however, it may take a little longer to begin steaming, as the water needs to flow through the filter to the heater. This delay will only occur during the initial use or when using a new filter.

How do I use my Steam Mop to sanitize my floor?

By holding the Steam Mop in place for 15-20 seconds, you can sanitize your floors by killing germs such as E. coli and salmonella when used as directed.

Knocking noise

The knocking noise is the normal sound of the pump trying to pull water through the machine. It will happen on the 1st use, each time the unit runs out of water, and if it sits for an extended period of time, allowing the water to evaporate or if they are using a new filter.

 If this is the first use of your machine, hold the trigger down until the noise goes away for up to 1 ½ minutes… 
If this is NOT the first use of the machine, then water is not able to get through. Ensure there is water in the tank and that the filter is seated properly with no gaps.

 If the unit sat for an extended period of time, hold the trigger down for 30 seconds as this should resolve the issue.

Lift Off

Leaks between filter and machine
  1. Check the filter to ensure it is pushed securely onto the unit.
  2. Check the connecter on the filter. If it is broken off inside the receiver, you can attempt to remove the broken piece from the receiver by using a tiny screwdriver. NOTE: UNPLUG THE MACHINE PRIOR TO ATTEMPTING REMOVAL OF BROKEN CONNECTOR. The filter is not a warranty part. If you cannot remove this, please take your machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center for assistance.
  3. Check the filter for cracks or damage. Replace filter if needed.
  4. Ensure the o-ring is in place. If missing, a new filter needs to be ordered.
  5. If the o-ring is in place, check for deformity. If you are using anything in addition to water in the tank, this will deform the o-ring. Vinegar will cause deformity. Other solutions may cause breakdown of the o-ring and/or other parts of the machine. Per the manual, ONLY water is to be used to fill the tank.

    If you continue to experience difficulty with your machine, please take your machine for inspection to a local Service Center.
Leaks between tank and filter

If water is leaking, ensure it is not coming from the bottom of the filter.

  1. Make sure the filter is in place.
  2. Check the tank and cap insert for damage or if it’s misassembled. The cap on this model needs to be on tightly.
  3. Check the tank and filter to ensure they are securely pushed onto the unit without gaps.
  4. Check the filter for cracks or damage.
No power
  1. Check the entire length of the power cord for damage. If there is damage, take the machine to the nearest authorized service center.
  2. Make sure the unit is plugged into a functioning outlet.
  3. Make sure the unit has had ample time to heat up before trying to steam mop.

If you continue to experience difficulty with your machine, please take your machine for inspection to a local Service Center.

No steam

1) Does the trigger have tension? 
If NO; handle is assembled improperly. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and re-attach the handle.Unplug unit and reassemble handle 
If YES; check the filter… 
  a) Remove filter. 
  b) Check to see if there are any cracks in the filter on the side or the top. Check the whole filter and look at the plastic mold lines for any cracks. They may be difficult to see, so inspect the filter in a well-lit area or room. If there are cracks the filter needs to be replaced.

2) Check the color of the filter grains – Filter grains should be green. If filter grains have turned blue, the filter needs to be changed. To maximize performance of the filter, distilled water may be used.

3) Check the filter to make sure it is seated correctly, and that the connector is intact. The filter may need to be pushed in until any gap between the bottom of the filter and the machine is gone.

4) Ensure the tank is full of room temperature water and the cap is installed properly. The cap on this model needs to be on tightly. Check the cap over a sink. If it doesn’t release water, it may need to be replaced.

5) Check to see if the Ready Light is on. The heater may take up to a minute to heat. 
   If the Ready Light is not on… 
  a) Make sure the power cord is plugged into a functioning outlet. If the ready light will not come on after a minute and/or the unit does not heat up, the machine should be inspected at a BISSELL Authorized Service Center. 
   If the blue Ready Light is on:
  a) Depress the trigger, which may take up to 2 minutes to steam initially. 
  b) Check for steam with the tank and filter off the unit, by pouring a small amount of cold water into the hole where the filter connects to the unit and depress the trigger for up to 2 minutes. Make sure the pod is connected to the base before checking for steam.

If there is NO steam when pouring water into the filter hole, remove the mop-head and check for steam at the spray tip by taking off the single screw at the base of the unit. Make sure the pod is connected to the base after mop head is removed before proceeding.

If there is NO steam with the mop-head removed, unplug and clean the spray tip with a paper clip, making sure to remove the pod before cleaning the spray tip. If there is still no steam, take the machine for inspection to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center.

If YES, there is steam with the mop-head removed… the mop head may be clogged. Pour white vinegar through the top of the mop head to clear the clog.

If YES; there is steam when pouring water into the filter hole,  check for water in the filter. When the filter is new, it may take a couple of minutes for the unit to pump water through it. The unit may make a louder noise while it is doing this, but should soon subside. The filter can be soaked in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes to saturate it.

Check the trigger for tension. If there is no tension, remove the upper handle and re-attach this. Make sure the handle is completely tightened to lock into place. If there is still no tension, the handle should be replaced.

6) Is the pod properly seated on the unit? You should hear it “click” into place.

7) Remove the pod and make sure the hose on the pod is locked into place correctly. If the hose is not secured properly into the base,  secure the hose and then place the pod back on the base.

If you continue to not have steam, please take your machine to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center for inspection or repair.

Steam coming from the side vent

This hole is a pressure relief valve. The valve is designed to release steam if something is blocking the steam path inside the unit. *CAUTION: This area may be hot*

2) Check for clogs at the spray tip with the mop head removed by taking off the single screw at the base of the unit. 
*CAUTION: The spray tip may be hot* 
 Using a paper clip, clear any clogs from the spray tip. Make sure the pod is removed before these steps are performed.

3) Check the filter. The filter may need to be replaced. If the filter is blue in color it needs to be replaced.

If you continue to experience difficulty with your machine, please take your machine for inspection to a local Service Center.


Can I use my Vac & Steam as a steamer and vacuum at the same time?

This machine can be used as a vacuum and a steamer at the same time.  Follow the table below for instructions of settings.  it can also be run just as a vacuum and just as a steamer.  There are 6 different settings for this machine.  See table below of how you can use this machine:

FAQ table

How do I remove the filter on my Vac & Steam?

If the filter is hard to remove, take out the hose and then use the "grips" on the filter to pull out.  Start by pulling the lower hose out first, then turn the upper hose to the left until it pulls out.  Then grasp the filter on each side and pull straight out.  The "dummy" filter has a slight grip.  The white filter has two grips, one on each side.

How do I wash the mop pads for my Vac & Steam, model 1132 series?

Wash on regular cycle with mild detergent only for best results.  Do not use bleach, it could cause the break down of the pad.  It is not recommended to use any fabric softener with the micro fiber pads.

The mop pads for my Vac & Steam, have developed holes. Why?

What type of flooring is being cleaned? Abrasive flooring such as rough tile, brick, etc. will impact the pad more-so than a smooth vinyl flooring. If abrasive flooring is being cleaned, you will go through more pads than if cleaning smooth flooring.

Wash mop pads in wash machine with a mild detergent. DO NOT ADD fabric softener or bleach. Doing so could break down the pads quicker and cause holes.

My Vac & Steam will not produce steam. What do I check?


1.  Make sure the correct tank has water in it.  (Water tank and not the dirt cup).

2.  Make sure the "Steam Ready" LED light has finished blinking (about 30 seconds).  Wait until the light goes solid and attempt to steam.

3.  Make sure the steam setting LED light is on "HI" If it is not lit, the machine will not steam.

4.  Make sure you are holding the trigger on the handle up to two minutes to get the unit to prime.

5.  Make sure the filter** is properly seated.  Remove the cartridge.  Examine to make sure the black gasket is still on the outside of one of the two ports of the cartridge.  there is an "X" valve inside the hole this port fits into.  Push on this to make sure water flows (make sure the machine is unplugged).  Use the palm of your hand with force to firmly push the cartridge in place to make sure it is fully seated.  This will make sure the pump is not sucking air around the gasket.

**Not all machines have a water filter.  Some have a "dummy" filter.  A filter is required for this machine, just not a water filter, it is optional.

There should be no gap between the filter and the machine when it is installed properly.

6.  Plug the machine back in, wait 30 seconds for the "Steam Ready" LED to stop blinking.  Place the "HI" button light to the "HI" LED.  Hold the handle trigger closed for two minutes.

7.  Has a new filter been installed?  If so, hold the trigger down at least 2 minutes to allow the filter to fill up with water.  It should then start steaming.  You may also soak the filter for 10 to 15 minutes to saturate the filter.

8.  Take the foot off the machine, remove the foot tray and also the pad and ream the steam tip on the foot as well as the foot tray with a paper clip to remove any obstructions.


How do I turn my PowerFresh® Steam Mop on or off?

Your new Steam Mop doesn’t have a power button. The mop will turn on once it’s plugged in and will stay on until it’s unplugged. Use the Steam Level button to choose which level of steam you’d like to use. The Steam Level indicator light will blink blue upon turning on and stay a solid blue once the mop is ready to steam.

My floors are streaked after using my PowerFresh® Steam Mop.

If you let the machine linger a second or two too long, it can leave a milky spot or streak on waxed floors. This can be removed with vinegar and water.

  1. Always be sure to thoroughly sweep or vacuum the floor prior to using your mop. This is necessary to remove any loose debris.
  1. Check what kind of flooring you have. The PowerFresh® Steam Mop is great to use on tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, stone, and sealed hardwood floors.  Your mop is not for use on unsealed hardwood flooring.


  1. Have you ever put anything other than water in the water tank? Water is the only thing that can go in the water tank. Anything else, like vinegar, may cause streaks but also may permanently damage your mop.
  2.  If you’ve never put anything besides water in the tank, try using a damp towel to remove the streaks.
  3.  Now take a look at the micro-fiber pad. If it has an odd-looking substance on it, this most likely has come from the flooring.
  4. If you can remove the streaks with the towel or the micro-fiber pad has an odd substance, the streaking is likely being caused by a floor polish or wax. Using your mop on waxed floors may decrease its glossiness.
  5. If you don’t wax or polish your floors, you should check the care instructions from your flooring manufacturer.

If you’re able to remove the streaks, wash the pads with a mild detergent in your washing machine. Don’t add fabric softener or bleach.

My PowerFresh® Steam Mop is hot to the touch

Careful! Your mop will become warm to the touch after it has been used for a few minutes, especially the base and other lower areas (the handle is fine). There’s a warning panel on the back of the mop as a reminder.

My PowerFresh® Steam Mop is leaking. What should I do?

1) First, check the water tank and make sure it’s pushed securely into the mop.

2) Next, take a look at the cap and make sure it’s not cracked.

3) Check that the rubber gasket at the tip of the cap is still attached to the cap. Are you using anything in addition to water in the tank? Vinegar will cause deformity of the gasket. Other solutions may cause breakdown of the gasket and/or other parts of the machine. Please be sure that you putonly water in the tank. Do not use vinegar or any other solution in the tank.

4) Check that the x-valve (located inside the mouth of the cap) is working properly.  Push up on the valve over the sink to ensure that the water releases out of the tank. If there is an issue, the cap assembly will need to be replaced.

Steam Shot

The red indicator will not shut off. How can I shut this off, so I can use my machine?
  • The light will turn off when the machine is ready to spray steam. This may take a few minutes. 
  • Unplug the machine and wait (about 5 minutes) for the machine to spray. Check to see if there is water in the tank. When the machine is cool, you can then add water.
Why doesn't my machine heat up?

Wait until the red indicator shuts off. Once the light is off, your machine should be ready to use. This may take a few minutes.

Why doesn't my machine spray steam?

After the machine is cooled down (about 5 minutes) make sure there is water in the tank. Make sure the red indicator is off. The light will turn off as soon as the machine is hot enough to spray steam. If the light is still red, the machine will not spray.

To check if the nozzle is clogged. Take the tool off from the machine and see if the machine sprays without the tool connected. If the unit sprays without the tool attached, clean the spray tip on the tool with the end of a paper clip. If the machine does not spray without the tool, wait about 5 minutes for the machine to cool. Then clean the nozzle with a paper clip.