Steam Cleaners

    Safe and effective for your floors
    Easily clean and sanitize hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals. No buckets and water spills, just add water to the steam cleaner and you’re ready. Give your family the clean home they deserve.

    Stick Vacuum Cleaners

    Cordless make it easier

    Take everything you hate about vacuuming and make it disappear. A powerful clean is now available in a lightweight, cordless vacuum; stick vacuum cleaners will make your daily cleaning routine a whole lot easier giving you the power you need in a compact and lightweight design. 


    BISSELL’s Heritage

    Ever since Anna and Melville Bissell patented the sweeper in 1876, it’s been the standard for easy cleanup. Whether rechargeable or manual, our sweepers work on a variety of surfaces, so they’re ideal for everyday use. Throw out your dustpan and broom and bring home an easier clean.

    Carpet Cleaners

    Experience the soft feeling of clean carpets between your toes with our BISSELL machines.

    Vacuuming alone isn’t enough. Carpet cleaners pick up what vacuums leave behind and make sure dirt, spots and stains are gone for good. Drink spills, pet stains, muddy footprints…our floors put up with a lot, but BISSELL’s range of carpet cleaning machines will give tired grubby carpets a new lease of life.

    Wet Cleaners

    A Great Clean! All-in-one Multisurface Cleaner! Crosswave™ is the 3-in-1 multisurface cleaner made for busy lives. Ask an expert and they will give the same answer: “First vacuum a floor before washing it!” Crosswave™ does all the three steps at the same time and it suitable for all sealed floors and area rugs in your home!


    At BISSELL, our goal is to give you all the tools and accessories you need to go forth and clean your home efficiently, effectively and with confidence! Whether you’re trying to figure out the best way to tackle everyday dirt and stains, or facing cleaning/general organizational issues, we’re here to help!